How to choose a building management system

Choosing a BMS is not an easy task especially when there are so many options at disposal. Building services hired for the task must be consulted before taking a decision. However, there are some common points based on intelligence which should be considered before choosing a BMS. A BMS is one of the best combinations of hardware and software that practically runs a building. It also means that there are certain factors which are embedded to make sure that the best results are generated. Some protocols are also integrated which are based on logical results. These protocols make sure that the input is detected to produce the related output. Working with BMS is not that easy, however. There are other factors which should be considered as well. Some of these are as follows. These factors will also make sure that the best installation is done in terms of the brand so that the client gets what is required:

Company based BMS

This type of BMS is no recommended at all. Even if a company is hired only for electrical building services only still none of these recommend such programs. The main reason is the technology which is being used in this regard. It is proprietary in nature. The tools and components are not available in the market. The other reason for not using such BMS is cost. As the technology is patent so the related company charges as per will. The client in this regard is never in the bargaining position and therefore the same rate has to be paid for the services. In the case of additional installations, the current license will never be replicated at all. The client needs to pay the additional fee for the license which further increases the costs.

Large reporting spectrum

Audit trail plays a very important role in defining the overall rate of the BMS system. A very detailed and more importantly precise reporting is what a client needs in this regard. It is therefore very important to make sure that the reporting tool integrated with the BMS is also considered. Some BMS has option integrated client-based reporting system as well. This kind of BMS is the best of all and therefore it is to be prioritized. Large reporting spectrum also means that the reporting tool gives detail analysis of the devices to which BMS is connected. Real-time precise results are what a BMS should be capable of.

After sales service

As per renowned companies from all over the world, the BMS is a potential system which will expand in future. It will allow more integration to ease the life of users. However, all this is not possible if after sales service is not good at all. The companies with the best after sales services should be hired for BMS installation. With a number of integrations at times, the speed and operation of BMS become slow. Developers of the BMS are therefore needed at that time. A good company with 24/7 customer services should be hired to make sure that the BMS never trips or drops the service level.